How adding finance options to your online store can increase your sales

Modern technology combined with finance services such as: Laybuy, Afterpay, ZIP & Genoapay can really enhance your store and increase sales.

These services listed above are all free to add to your online store. Point of Sale (POS) options are also available for each platform. The finance options give your customers the opportunity to pay off their purchase, and you will receive the full amount almost instantly, less a small processing fee from each merchant. 

It really helps to boost your sales and make customers choose your store to shop with. We have the stats from current retailers and the results of having one (or all) of these finance options on your store can basically be responsible for 90% of sales. 

Customers want to pay off their purchases and spread the payments over a few weeks/months. This is where you can get yourself into the market and catch the attention of those customers.

Even better, the paper work and processing is low for you. Once you are set up your ready to start making $, with no hassle.

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